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The Watchlog Bluetooth ®️ pressure sensor is a revolutionary pressure sensor that can send pressure values directly to mobile devices and tablets, enabling multi-channel wireless pressure monitoring for small field applications at an affordable price.
Readings can be sent at speeds from 100ms to 10s for distances up to 90 m. The easy-to-use app, available on Android and iOS, and can read up to 12 pressure sensors simultaneously.
You can also set data logs, alarms, and minimum / maximum values. See the App page for details. PC software with more advanced graphing, logging and reporting capabilities will be released soon. 
For Bluetooth transmission, it can be operated for a long time by using AA battery.

The main body has a compact design and is a screw-in fixing unit. Sensors can be installed using the cabled model in difficult locations.
For G1/4 Pressure Gauge:2103-07-11.62
 G 1/4 "(Male) thread is attached to the pressure gauge part, but it can be securely attached and detached in any place with leakage free by connecting the MINIMESS test point.
Bluetooth Pressure Sensor



Range XXXX Fitting Y Cable Z.Z
0〜25 bar 0025 90º Angle A 1.5m 1.5
0〜160 bar 0160 Straight S 3.0m 3.0
0〜400 bar 0400     5.0m 5.0
0〜700 bar 0700     10.0m 10.0


        Leave blank if no cable

Other length available on request  

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